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So I finally did the thing, guys!

I'm very nervous and have been losing sleep over how it's going to go down. I feel like it will go one of two ways. Either no one will give a shit or I'll become the new target for...hmm... let's say, certain people who won't be happy with my life choices {what's new haha}. I've got to get a grip and just let it all happen.

Apologies in advance for the rambling, and also the repetitive nature of these posts, it's a necessary evil to get it out of my head... I think.  

The main reason I'm launching this so early whilst my meows are still young, is that I want to document the journey and... maybe if people are interested, they'll follow along. 

Let’s be totally honest here (because that’s what we’re about!) I'm a brand new breeder. The main thing that I’d like to express, is that everyone was new at something once in their lives, right? I've been given a shot by my knowledgeable mentor and lifelong friend Phyllis Stiebens of Kumskaka & Behold Maine Coons. I'm genuinely in this to enrich the breed. I come from a medical background and I will never stop learning or asking questions. I'm always open to new information, particularly from other experienced breeders and anything evidence-based. I acknowledge that I certainly don’t “know it all”, and probably never will.

Please, also, be kind. I can’t learn everything all at once. But I AM learning, and that’s the main(e) thing, right? I'm well aware of the fact that established breeders would prefer to see a new breeder come from a long history of owning and showing their chosen cat. Hopefully in time we will prove ourselves to be genuine, ethical breeders, this is what I stand for at all times. I also want to begin showing our kittens at some point in the future, but that will be a future post. I can envisage all of you waving burning stakes and screaming “you’re doing it the wrong way around!" 

I've been really saddened to see a few posts lately from some breeders around Australia (and internationally as well of course) feeling bullied by other people and other breeders. I guess there will always be certain people out there who want to bring others down. I know I'd be naive if I didn't expect some ridicule to an extent. I also know that I just have to be true to myself and to these kitties, and as long as I'm following the right advice and doing what's best genetically and health-wise for these meows, then I have at least half a shot at getting this right. 

I'm probably repeating myself in various forms throughout my posts and such.... but I try to be honest and kind in all that I do. Perhaps even more so because I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of domestic violence, bullying, and to experience major depressive episodes. Perhaps that's also why I'm so anxious about this next step. In my personal life, I try to advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. It sounds all cliche and warm and fuzzy, but animals help me, and I know they help many other people who have been, or remain in these situations. 

I also support rescues too. I have a massive respect for everything that they do and what they stand for. There are some people who I was involved with in the past {in a rescue organisation} who will be horrified at my decision to breed. I mentioned in previous posts about the {alleged} public consensus that breeders contribute to the problem which rescues have to deal with. Go back and read if you like, posts [01] and [02] on my blog. It explains my view on this. I'm interested in how other people feel and what their opinions are. I'm NOT interested in patronising, bullying comments, or personal attacks. Basically, you're entitled to an opinion, just don't be a dick. 

I have in the past, fostered rescue animals, and I want to continue doing so. Once I have everything up and running and areas for separation and such, I will take in a foster every now and then. I know this is/will be very controversial, but it's what I am aiming to do and as long as I am not putting any meows at risk of disease transmission or injury, then I believe I'd be achieving this responsibly. If you don't like it, come and talk to me. I'm more than willing to discuss.

If you don't think I've earned my place yet, that is fair enough, but I will use this as the driving force to do things the right way and to prove that I can uphold and enrich this magnificent breed. Until I do, please, be kind ♡

#shoporadoptresponsibly #adoptorshopresponsibly

Love, Rosie ♡

- - - - -

Disclaimer notes: 

1 .These blog posts will likely be developed and added to over time as I learn more information. 
2. While some breeding "secrets" are kept as unwritten law, the general concept of what I write here is freely available to find if you look in the right places. The feline associations (Australian/American/European) are a good place to start. The PawPeds website also has some interesting information (not always/strictly scientific though).
3. Some really really important questions for anyone to ask themselves when embarking on new or controversial scientific adventures are:        
         a) Why am I getting angry about someone pursuing a certain line/trait?        
         b) Is it because it's scientifically or genetically unsound?        
         c) Is it unethical?       
         d) Is it because someone simply "told me it's wrong/right"?
         e) Is it fear of the unknown? 
4. Be brave. Be courageous. Explore something new. 
5. Admit your mistakes and learn from them.
6. Please don't blindly believe me. Also, please don't blindly hate on me if you have no scientific backing. 
7. Ask your own questions, and seriously, genuinely, seek answers. Make informed decisions.
8. Lastly, as always, be kind.  


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