Poly paws - harmful or harmless?

What on earth is a polydactyly cat?

I am going to add to this later.... but for now... have a read of these articles if you're interested.

Observations of Feline Polydactyly, Curtis & King 2007
Polydactyl Cats, Hartwell, 2001-2010
Twisty Cats - The Ethics of Breeding For Deformity, Hartwell, 1999-2012

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Disclaimer notes: 

1 .These blog posts will likely be developed and added to over time as I learn more information. 
2. While some breeding "secrets" are kept as unwritten law, the general concept of what I write here is freely available to find if you look in the right places. The feline associations (Australian/American/European) are a good place to start. The PawPeds website also has some interesting information (not always/strictly scientific though).
3. Some really really important questions for anyone to ask themselves when embarking on new or controversial scientific adventures are: 
        a) Why am I getting angry about someone pursuing a certain line/trait? 
        b) Is it because it's scientifically or genetically unsound? 
        c) Is it unethical?
        d) Is it because someone simply "told me it's wrong/right"? 
        e) Is it fear of the unknown? 
4. Be brave. Be courageous. Explore something new. 
5. Admit your mistakes and learn from them.
6. Please don't blindly believe me. Also, please don't blindly hate on me if you have no scientific backing. 
7. Ask your own questions, and seriously, genuinely, seek answers. Make informed decisions.
8. Lastly, as always, be kind.


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