Henley x Nico

Don't you love how Henley looks constantly perplexed 😅🤣

I would be too if it was my first time in the sack with a strange woman who spoke a different language 💃 I wonder if Henley can understand Nico's Danish accent 🤔

Only 6 days post arrival and in true Nico style, she's kicked into a full heat 🥵 This girl is bomb proof and just takes everything in her stride!

However, It seems Nico is a silent caller, apart from a few quiet vocalisations... nothing! And her mama is that way too!

Henley's needing a bit of practice, I don't think he's quite nailing it 😜 but everyone assures me he'll get there after a couple of days.

IF they're successful, we MIGHT be expecting babies around the first week of January 🐾

But if not, then we'll move on and try again as long as everyone's healthy and happy!

I debated about letting them mate so quickly, and without having done their physical hip and heart tests yet. Their DNA tests are all clear (can see them on my website).

Heart echocardiograms (screening for physical signs of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) are due for everyone on 7th January (hmmm if Nico has just had a litter, can she have it then 🤔 will have to check that). They are both genetically clear for HCM.

Hip xrays (screening for hip dysplasia) are due asap, but I'm just waiting on my vet to receive the order for the special tape that imprints handwriting (to record microchip #) on the xray film itself.

Regardless of all that, the HD status won't affect the decision to mate them.... it more so applies to the offspring that I choose from them to continue with.

So bearing all that in mind, along with the fact that Nico hasn't lost weight during the travel, and she is very outgoing/confident and hasn't exhibited any stress signs...and a consult with my vet, of course! We've decided to try and mate her now. This will also (hopefully) reduce any risk of contracting pyometra in the case of letting her cycle repeatedly if not mated.

Side note: I learnt it isn't the "not mating" per se that causes the pyometra. When they come into oestrus (heat/season) their immune function drops, and if they do pick up a bug from the external environment via their urinary tract, then it's harder for them to fight it off. Sometimes it's treatable, and sometimes it isn't and requires spaying or, in the very worst case, for them to be PTS.

Hopefully, Henley sorts his shit out and gets the job done. He is very vocal, and makes up for Nico's silence. I've told him that he should talk less and play more 😂


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