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Kuro's journey to a complete & balanced raw diet: PART 2

So I ended my earlier post around the 5 month mark of Kuro's raw transition.  I was feeling lost and overwhelmed and frustrated. I had a lot of questions.  Do I prepare a fully 80-10-5-5 diet from scratch? Can I get a mix that's pre-prepared and safe ...
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March 28, 2019

Kuro's journey to a complete & balanced raw diet: PART 1

Kuro, our beloved MC x Ragdoll pet and recently self-appointed CEO of Maynetree, would like me to tell you about his journey into his transition of a completely raw diet.  Kuro is 3 years old (2019) and was addicted to dry kibble and Royal Canin pouch/wet food.  Th...
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It's about time I spill the details on something I'm really passionate about

Disclaimer notes: 1 .These blog posts will likely be developed and added to over time as I learn more information. 2. While some breeding "secrets" are kept as unwritten law, the general concept of what I write here is freely available to find if you look...
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