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DK Jungle Man's Adelaide of Maynetree, f, MCO, ns, 19/06/19, imp Denmark

Adelaide is my first queen. She is exquisite. 

I initially chose some girls who I ultimately wasn't happy with. I took a huge loss, emotionally and financially. It was an expensive lesson, one for which I am very grateful for. After all, how do we learn, if we cannot learn from our mistakes? 

Adelaide started out initially very dark, and currently her smoking is developing nicely. Her ear set is high, her muzzle is full and square, with an almost vertical line from her nose to chin. Her profile is excellent with a lovely convex forhead, sloping down into a concave nose (with no break). She has lovely big boning and is already very long in length. 

Given that Henley's profile is underdeveloped, I was needing an extremely typey girl to complement him. Adelaide will hopefully achieve this. 

Approximately 50% of their offspring will be polydactyl (from Henley's side). 

Adelaide carries one copy of the dilute gene D/d (heterozygous), and along with Henley's copy, they will likely make both black & blue offspring. 

Since solid colouring is recessive and tabby patterning is dominant, they will likely have tabby babies - but there is definitely a 25% chance of having solid kittens. 

The smoking in Adelaide's coat is achieved by the inhibitor gene I/i, and along with Henley's silver, I will be working towards keeping the highest silver offspring to continue in my program. 

Their offspring certainly won't be close to shaded, however, it may be a step towards this. The best shadeds are homozygous for agouti A/A (tabby). 

Henley & Adelaide will not carry this pairing, they will pass down A/a (one copy for tabby and one for solid). This is more so cosmetic, and just interesting in terms of genetics. It won't have any affect on the personality or the health of the cat. 

I'd certainly be more than happy with medium to high smokes/silvers. 

UPDATE August 2020: Adelaide is developing very well. She is smokey, big-boned, and has the wild, fierce expression that is so important to me. 

She was originally due to land in April-May this year, but due to COVID19 her flights have been rescheduled 4 times since then! She is happy and healthy living with her breeder's daughter right now in Denmark, and the projected arrival date is 28th September 2020. She recently surpassed the initial timeframe for her rabies titre, and required a booster shot to keep her rabies-free status current. We have been extremely fortunate that Gitte from Jungle Man Maine Coons (her DK breeder) has been so understanding and caring during this very unpredictable time. 

I'm dying to meet my beautiful queen, whom I have watched grow from the day she was born, and I know that time will arrive very soon!

I include this information as both a personal record and to remain transparent within my breeding program.

Rosie xx 


Gentle Cat Eyes Blue Gatsby, MCO, a 09, 19/10/17
(blue w/ white)


Jungle Man's Legend of Zelda, MCO, fs 09, 22/06/14
(black smoke tortie w/ white)



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