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SmokenDiamonds Nico, f, MCO, ns22, 28/05/19, imp Denmark

Nico is my second queen. She is a black silver classic (blotched) tabby. 

I have chosen her for her exceptional type. 

She attended her first show (December 2019) with Yvonne her breeder, she was amazing! 

She was nominated for best kitten in show, and came second to a beautiful NFC. Both Yvonne and I are so proud of her! 

The judge said these kind words about her (translated by Yvonne):
"Young lady with amazing body, great length, super silk coat, super nice height and profile, absolutely amazing magic expression, great ears and lynx tips... and everything!"

Unfortunately due to COVID19 the shows have been postponed, but I'm very excited to begin showing her when she arrives here. 

Nico will contribute perfect European standard/type to my program. Her wild expression, excellent profile, ear & eye set, tall lynx tips, square muzzle and large boning will be passed on to her kittens. As I've described on Henley's page, he is lacking in profile and his ear set is slightly low, so this pairing will complement beautifully. 

As you can see by the DNA profile, Nico carries non-agouti (A/a) and dilute (D/d) alleles, therefore she can throw solid and blue kittens (even though she has the black tabby phenotype). Both solid and dilute modifiers are autosomal recessive genes and they require two copies to pass down to the kittens. Henley carries one copy, and Nico carries the second copy. 

I am hoping that both Nico and Henley's silver will combine to create a medium to high silver/smokes. I would say that Henley is medium silver, and Nico is low silver at this stage. However they are both still very young, and Henley has lightened considerably in the last few months. They have several years to fully mature.

UPDATE August 2020: Nico was due to arrive here in April-May 2020. Unfortunately due to COVID19 the flights have been rescheduled 4 times! We are very fortunate that Nico is staying with our other queen at my breeder's daughter's home in Denmark. The next projected arrival date is 28th September, so we have fingers and paws crossed! 

I include this information as both a personal record and to remain transparent within my breeding program.

Rosie xx


Sprite De La Brocha, MCO ns 09, 19/12/17, RU/DK (black smoke w/white)


Smokendiamonds Chaplin, MCO n 09 22, 7/07/16, DK/DK (black w/white classic tabby)



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